Learning new concepts

Recently, my husband had his first bout of COVID-19.  He’d avoided it for a long time but finally got caught out!  Each day, when I asked him how he was feeling he said things like – “I know they said ‘loss of taste’ but I didn’t really get what they meant until now”.  The same things came up for terms like ‘brain fog’ and the feeling of tiredness.  Up until that moment, those terms were simply a list of words.  But he had to experience those symptoms to really understand what the words meant.

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Learning in the open

For someone who studies and works at a university with ‘open’ in the name, I’ve kind of always assumed that I was therefore involved in open education.  But this is only the case if you interpret ‘open’ in relation to the fact that there are no entry requirements and no selection procedures.

But recently, I have been studying material on ‘open education’ which has opened(!) up my thinking about what I understand open to be.  Now this is a BIG topic with lots of jargon like ‘open pedagogy’ and ‘OER-enabled’ and I can’t cover it all in one post.  Today I want to focus on the ‘openness’ of the artefacts that learners produce as we learn just to see where it takes me.

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