What do the tags with letters and numbers mean?

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The reason I started this blog is to help me reflect on my systems practice and management studies with the Open University and to somehow bring them all together.  For people who don’t know the OU, every module has a code and I regularly use these in my blogs as a form of shorthand – they also appear in tags.

Here is the ‘translation’:

B820 Strategy – compulsory module for MBA

B822 Creativity, Management and Change – elective module for MBA

B823 Managing Knowledge – elective module for MBA

TU870 Capacities for managing development – from Postgraduate Development Management Programme

TU872 Institutional development: conflicts, values and meanings – from Postgraduate Development Management Programme

TXR248 Experiencing Systems – undergraduate residential school (Systems Practice)

D843 Discourse Analysis – from Postgraduate Social Science Programme

TU811 Thinking Strategically: systems tools for managing change – from Postgraduate Systems Practice Programme

*TU812 Managing systemic change: inquiry, action and interaction – from Postgraduate Systems Practice Programme

T847 The MSc Professional Project – from Postgraduate Systems Practice Programme.


*I started this blog as I started TU812.


But then the plot thickens, as I moved onto my PhD in Public Health with Lancaster University in 2013, I’ve encountered a slightly different module numbering structure – as follows

DHR.405 Summer Academy

DHR.520 Public Health: Theory, Policy and Practice

..there will be more!

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