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My thesis

From 2013 to 2021, I studied and researched my way to a PhD in Public Health with Lancaster university.  This gave me experience of conducting action research in an interdisciplinary space informed by public health, public administration and policy studies.

My thesis is:

Wilding, H. (2021) Opening up possibilities for health in all policies: An action research study to understand local level policy practice and its development. PhD Thesis. Lancaster University. Available at:

You can open the pdf in one click using this link

Research undertaken for MSc Systems Thinking in Practice

In 2011/12, I studied T847 The Professional Project as the final module in my MSc Systems Thinking in Practice.  The module was just six months in duration with only about three/four weeks of ‘field work’.  I focussed my interest on systems thinking in partnership working for wellbeing and health practice – I was interested in the nature and extent of systems thinking amongst people who participate in partnerships and also the contextual factors that may enable or constrain its use.

I’ve since used the research findings to do a few papers and presentations as follows:

1) Releasing the capacity within us – I wrote this primarily for my colleagues at work – in particular those people who participated in the research project.  It sets out to explain what systems thinking is, why we need it and what we can do to create the conditions where we draw on it more & includes information drawn from different modules in my MSc.  It draws extensively from my research findings but academic referencing is kept to a minimum to keep the report as readable as possible for a professional practitioner audience

2) Systems thinking in partnership working in wellbeing and health practice in an English city: absent competence or constrained capability? – this is a summary of my research it majors on findings from both the primary research and literature review, however it keeps discussion of the research paradigm and methodology to the minimum.  Fully referenced.

3) Presentation made at SCiO open meeting 8 October 2012 – the presentation covers the why, what, how of the research as well as the findings – but as with all presentations, it doesn’t include what I actually said!

4) The ‘journal article’ – this is a re-worked framing of the original research writing with the public administration/public health audience in mind and using the structure/format of an academic journal article.


1) Equity in the office? A paper I wrote about the health harms of the physical office workspace and how the health impacts could contribute to the social gradient in health

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