Research questions, hypothesis and views on causality

(T847, Block 2, Activities 1 and 2)

In TMA01 I stated the aim of my research project as follows:

to investigate the degree to which systems thinking is an ‘absent competence’ or ‘constrained capability’ amongst those involved in leading partnership working for wellbeing and health in an English city

Block 2 asks me to consider whether I should also use research question(s) and hypothesis as a way of tightening up the scale and scope of my research project.  It also suggests that I am clear on my perspective of causality. Continue reading

Systems thinking in partnership working for wellbeing and health practice in an English city: absent competence or constrained capability?

I know it is a long name for a blog title – but that is the working title of my research project.  I thought I would share here the first iteration of the Introduction and Background for the project – in the hope that any reader can offer comments or new perspectives.  It’s all been done to strict word limit guidance – there was so much more I could have included…

So here it is: Continue reading

Research purpose

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post – mostly because I have been ‘doing a literature review’ to inform my research project.  This has helped me think more about my research purpose – building on my post of 19 November and the clear distinction I am now making between ‘the intervention’ (a 9-12 month piece of work based on appreciative inquiry) and ‘the research’ (what I am doing for my T847 project).

So to revisit my thoughts on purpose…(keeping to ‘the research’ as the bounded system of interest) Continue reading

What could a Discovery interview look like?

In some ways, it seems a little odd worrying about this ‘detail’ at an early stage.  But I’m finding it difficult to talk about the bigger picture without trying to get a first ‘cut’ of the ‘design’ of the initial interviews.  Using the word ‘design’ reminds me about issues of the ‘design turn‘, which I must come back to in more detail later.  But for now, what do I mean when I say ‘do an AI interview’? Continue reading

Stocktake – where am I now?

It feels like the last week has been one of big leaps in thinking about my research project – it’s time now to do a little bit of consolidating of where I am and ‘next steps’.  Unlike my usual ‘story telling’ style, this post is made up of notes and jottings of where my head is and where it is prompting me to go next… Continue reading

Developing purpose

In my last post, I ended up with a working PQR definition of my research project.  The next steps are to develop that some more.  I know that by the time I publish this blog, it will look as though I have it all straight in my head but actually as I start, I am not really sure where I will end up.  I am sure this blog will take a number of iterations and revisions before I publish it – and even then it will just be the ‘latest thinking’. Continue reading

Ethics and my research

(T847, Block 1, Activity 9)

The first thing that crops up in my mind when I think about ethics is the material I covered as part of juggling the B-ball in Tu812.  This drew on von Foerster to describe ethical action as acting in a way that opens up – rather than closes down – possibilities for others. Continue reading