Getting to know the B-ball: Being

(Activity 2.28 based on Chapter 5, Ison (2010))

The B-ball is for Being.  Ison (2010, 58) says it

“symbolises the attributes of Being a practitioner with a particular tradition of understanding”.

To me it entails touching base with the relationship I (the practitioner) have with my framework of ideas.  Those ideas are grounded in my experiences to date – experiences that have come from my history. Continue reading

Juggling the four balls in my studying practice

(Activity 2.25)

How do each of the juggling balls manifest in an aspect or activity in my life?

I am going to consider this in relation to my practice as a student engaged in studying/learning – because I am doing it now so it should be relatively easy to reflect on (famous last words…) Continue reading

Juggling as a metaphor

(Activity 2.20, 2.22)

Updated 29 December 2010

I do use the metaphor of juggling in relation to the competing priorities in my life – being at work; being an OU student; domestic life; spending time with my husband; getting to see our wider family; organising holidays; my allotment; my other hobbies.  When any one of these ‘balls’ is active, there is another sub-set of tasks to juggle – so the allotment ball opens up a series of other balls – plant potatoes; dig in compost; sow leeks and so on. Continue reading