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It was a while ago now when I wrote my post called “Elevator Pitch“.  I know it rang bells with a few of my fellow students  because the idea of the elevator pitch has come up in module forum and email exchange since. Distracted thought process….are we yet former students or ex-students, I am not […]

Update added 13 November I am sure I am not the only ‘systems practitioner’-in-training who finds it difficult to introduce systems practice into their workplace.  I think it is different if you are an ‘external’ consultant or facilitator because clients expect you to bring something that they don’t know yourself.  But when you are an […]

My last post set me off on a stream of thought in relation to what I am doing in my research – is it inductive? is it deductive? is it emic? is it etic?  I’ve started to realise that it is best to think of these pairs in terms of dualities, rather than dualisms. Through […]

May seem a little odd asking this question now, but it strikes me that this is part of that ongoing quest to ‘market’ systems thinking – as per previous posts on the Elevator pitch issue. But it struck me recently that it is possible – and helpful – to apply the thinking that Ison (2010, […]

(Activity 2.2, 2.7, 2.9) Updated 16 December 2010 TU812 is structured in a way to help me to to conduct a systemic inquiry into my own systems practice for managing change.  I have commented on this in An inquiry into my systems practice for managing change. However the module also encourages me to identify a […]

It’s funny how things go in circles: – my blog on ‘Elevator pitch‘ kickstarted a thread in TU812 course cafe forum about introducing new things into an organisation.  Another student commented there about the cultural receptiveness to change. – my blog on ‘Change‘ kickstarted a thread in Systems Place about innovation. These two threads reminded […]

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