‘Tis the season for a design turn

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My blog doesn’t get a massive number of visitors, but in the last couple of days I’ve noticed an increase in hits on some of my oldest blogs – the first ones I did as I studiously studied Tu812 Managing systemic change.  Today’s busiest post – Taking a design turn in my systems practice – was written on 16 January 2011.  That means that at this time in 2010 going into 2011 I was just grappling with the idea of the design turn for the first time.  It was ‘that winter’, the one with really really heavy snow.  I remember gazing out the window as slabs of snow slid down from the roof, enjoying the distraction from reading about the juggling balls and design turns.

That means the rise in hits coincides with current TU812 students tackling these same ideas.  Much less snowy this year – a mark of the climate change world perhaps?  And my jet pack stats tell me, it’s been a similiar pattern for the last three years (didn’t use jet pack before then).







It’s funny to think that new cohorts of students stop by.  You are very welcome here – I hope that you find the posts helpful and welcome any comments.

The irony is today I was doing some reading for my PhD about different theories of ‘practice’.  Like ‘design turn’, practice is a very very slippery concept when you start to problematise it.  I’ve not worked out how to articulate my emerging understanding and which of the multiple perspectives on practice, I find most and least useful for my purposes.  Perhaps (especially given the title of the blog) I should use this space to practice articulating those new understandings, instead of going straight for the word constrained context of a very very draft PhD thesis.  Food for thought.

Happy studying all. 😉

2 thoughts on “‘Tis the season for a design turn

  1. Yes, it is probably students from the current iteration of TU812. I’m one of them although coming to this a bit later as I work on another assignment. Thanks for posting your thoughts online when you were studying the course – it is a useful reference point as I do a quick review of ideas as part of figuring out how to express my own view.

    • Hi Wulf
      Thanks for taking the time to say ‘hello’. I hope you are finding TU812 and interesting and helpful course. I found it really challenging to ‘figure our how to express my own view’ – the blogs may look polished as they were published but believe me that were worked and re-worked a lot!

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