Unravelling paradigms and theory

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Not a ‘proper’ activity but I just want to make sure I ‘save’ this thought somewhere.

There is a particular complexity in my research interest in relation to paradigms and theories.

Here we go with unravelling it…

– I am interested in the paradigms/theories-in-use when people talk about and do partnerships/partnership working.  (There is something here too distinguishing espoused theories and theories-in-use (as per work of Agyris) which may affect how data can be generated.)

– I am interested in understanding this more by studying the language people use, in particular the metaphors they evoke.  This evokes a set of theories about the relationship between language, thought and sensemaking.

– I am interested in this because I think there is a mismatch between the dominant (or default) paradigms/theories-in-use and the paradigm/theory that I think is needed to be most effective (which is fortunately now supported by a WHO study on governance for health).  In short, the ‘desired position’ is the theory of the discipline of Systems (including praxis).

– So then I am also interested in the theories that will enable the change (one of social learning) from current paradigms/theories-in-use to more appropriate paradigms/theories. In particular, how can language, metaphor, imagery be used as ‘tools’ for change?

– so that means I am interested in the paradigms/theories of research that actively engage others in inquiry and learning.

Mmm.. food for thought.

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