Proud owner of some new letters

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Dear Blog

Today I got an email from the Open University that started:

I am pleased to confirm that you have satisfied the requirements for the Postgraduate Diploma in Systems Thinking in Practice of the Open University

So once the qualification is formally ‘conferred’ I could use the following after my name – PG Dip SysPrac (Open) – lots of letters for something that probably means very little to anyone not themselves associated with the Systems Thinking in Practice programme.

So a formal step forward in my journey – a formal acknowledgement that I have attained a certain level of knowledge and skills.  I feel quite proud to be one of the first few people to gain such letters – especially as I pocketed a merit for TU811 and a distinction for TU812.


Sadly in reality it still feels as difficult and challenging – perhaps because I have an even stronger understanding of what could be possible if systems practice was more ‘institutionalised’ – wow that takes me full circle back to an earlier blog.  The new ‘letters’ mean something in an academic context and will help me along in future job applications but the people I currently work with won’t notice a difference or expect anything to change.

Oh that is a rather depressing way to end a blog that started with such good news.

Perhaps tomorrow I will return to a narrative of opportunity and hope.


One thought on “Proud owner of some new letters

  1. Don’t be sad! You’re on an amazing journey of discovery and doing really, really well. You’re already doing lots of ‘little’ things that bring systems practice into the work context just by being aware of it and thinking about it.

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